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Right then! - Vigdisdotter

About Right then!

Previous Entry Right then! Jan. 6th, 2008 @ 04:50 am Next Entry
I guess I should give everyone an update on me.  The job is going good and I've had my first raise.  Yay!!!  Still with the boy friend and we are planning to find a place together in April....which is when we should have some luck, what with the students being out of classes and moving back home and what not.

NExUS is moving along every well, with lots of enthusiasm and good cheer.  We seem to have found a very good mix of personalities and will have our official founding ceremony in....April!  What can I say.....It's going to be a busy month :P

Haven't been making any runes, that's been put on hiatus.  But I have been painting minitures.  It's a good activity for at night when everyone else is trying to sleep.

I've also taken on three newbies as part of the mysticwicks mentoring program.  It's still early in the game, but they seem like good people.  Of course, this is me and if they haven't run screaming yet, they'll probably be alright.

So yeah.  Nothing major to report...yet. 
Current Mood: awakeawake
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